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A Little Known Reason Why It Is Good To Be Negative

Look around. What do you see in the air?

It is likely that you see nothing unless of course someone is burning something, then you would see smoke. Even though you cannot see them there are minute particles in the air. On some level we all know this. Think of the last time you walked outside after a rainstorm. I did it this morning. Was the smell different than prior to the storm? Of course it was and here is why. One reason we can detect smell is because there are minute particles in the air. These cannot be detected by the eye, but cannot escape the nose. Sort of like the wonderful smell that comes off of your favorite home cooked meal- you cannot see it. Now back to the rain. As the rain came down it brought with it “negative” invisible particles that have been created in part by lightening strikes. That is right, these scientifically validated negative particles are called “ions.” The word “Ion” is from the Greek for “going.” These “invisibilities” my friends are healing and very important for health both mentally and physically.

When we travel we find in beached, wooded, and forested areas similar ions brought to us by you know who – Mother Nature. So the elements of water, earth, fire, and metal when peaceful and in their natural state, bring helpful negative particles to us all. Some areas have departed from the above scene. Urban areas are loaded with “positive” health robbing ions. These may impact ones mental outlook and body function. For those susceptible the refuge for these unfortunate souls is a vacation to one of the aforementioned areas or some type of interaction with the elements. Have you ever heard anyone ever talk about paradise and then paint a mental picture of a city? The city is usually regarded as a place of technological aw, a “concrete jungle” and while good for commerce leaves a lot to be desired compared to the super positive “negativity” of nature.

Part of our work up of patients includes an evaluation for what is called “geopathic” stress. Or stress created by the planet or things related to it. These are stresses and related conditions that burden people based on their interaction with nature and mans’ creations. We look at the many burdens that the industrial environment has placed on individuals and then create nutritional and technological health sparing solutions to decrease the damaging effects of certain ions or the lack of negative ones.

On your next visit ask if we can evaluate this concern for you.

For health’s sake, take some time to unplug from the artificial and reconnect with that which natively nourishes you and has done so for millions of years.

Come on be positive and get “negative” with me!

-Dr. Mincey

For the “Get Negative” podcast link click here


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