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“It’s about more than getting rid of your pain… It’s making sure you find the cause and never feel that pain again”

Dear Patient, Over twenty five years ago I began my mission to help people lead healthier lives without the use of drugs or surgery — not because surgery is evil, or that drugs are unnecessary, but simply because they are both over-utilized. I was shocked and horrified to discover the extent to which the general public had been misled with lies and misinformation. Today, the situation has not improved much; the average American takes up to eight over-the-counter drugs — many of which are completely unnecessary. 


Here at Integrated Healthcare, we love our work and have treated hundreds of patients employing a holistic method of treatment. These methods are based on a 70 year old model, with roots in several ancient therapies which predate modern medicine. In our practice we use herbalism and a variety of testing methods and modalities so that each patient is properly attended to, cared for, and monitored for optimum progress. If you are reading this letter, chances are something or someone piqued your curiosity, and directed you to this website. Now the next step is for you to make an appointment for a consultation, which you can also do right here on this website. During your consultation, we can pinpoint your health concerns, explain our methods, and help you map out a specific and unique wellness plan to meet or possibly even exceed your health goals. We invite you to join the hundreds of people we’ve helped lead healthier and happier lives. Call us now at (973) 744-1155, and take the next step to a better life. It’s that easy.


Dr. Tyran Mincey, DC, D.I.B.A.K.
Author of The World’s Best Kept Health Secret Revealed

Create Your Own Tincture

Take control of your health by developing a tincture tailor-made to support your body's needs.

Bottles of Essential Oil

How Can We Help You? By providing you with high quality cutting edge holistic medicine, and alternative therapies, and providing a personal touch with a friendly customer service attitude, we strive to bring out the best health in all patients. At the same time we recognize the importance of normal nervous system function and use all ‘drugless’ non-hypnotic therapies that will enhance function, as well as an individuals quality of life without side effects. Why Us?

  • Nutrition/ Weight loss

  • Anti-aging and peak performance management

  • Sports

  • Family practice matters

  • Chiropractic

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Cleansing for the whole family

  • Pain management

  • Food sensitivities

  • Bach flower, vitamin, homeopathic, vegetarian, and glandular remedies

  • Energy Medicine

Why Us?

The Total Health Show

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