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Services & Therapies

At Integrated Health Care we provide many services. One of the most important services is chiropractic manipulation, but we also use color therapy, changes in lifestyle, and cold laser therapy just to name a few. Our goal is to help patients reach their health potential. All therapies aim at helping the body be in better communication thereby allowing it to heal. We do not treat any specific disease that a patient has, but instead treat patients that have a disease or maybe even just a dysfunction. Once normal body function is returned and the body has the raw materials that it needs to heal it usually does. If you have symptoms and wait a long time to address them it is more likely it will take longer to stimulate a natural healing process.

Chiropractic Manipulation

“Chiro” means hand. Chiropractic is the practice of stimulating healing with the hands. In 1895 D.D. Palmer, a magnetic healer among other professions helped a man named Harvey Lillard hear (after having been deaf) after correction of spinal misalignment. He postulated that his spinal correction must have released the body’s innate or “inborn ability” to heal via the nervous system. Areas of nerve interference along the spinal cord (one large nerve) which is shielded by the spine and also may cause interference, are called “subluxations” and may have degenerative implications for muscle and skeletal system as well as the organs of the body if not corrected. This is the largest form of alternative health care and should be given much of the credit for the preservation of alternatives, as many chiropractors were jailed and had their lives threatened to preserve the right to make spinal corrections and other alternative recommendations. This happens to be one of the most researched forms of treatment bar none in the scientific literature, and it is drug free, and almost always painless.

Meridian Therapy

In acupuncture the body has twelve major energy pathways which carry energy associated with different systems of the body. When imbalances occur in these pathways disease or dysfunction may ensue. Using multiple methods of stimulation these energy pathways can be stimulated or balanced. Needles are one of many ways to restore balance to this system. We offer alternatives to acupuncture using several devices that do not pierce, but have stood the test of time and have been used in Asian countries.

Color Therapy

Colors stimulate and are closely related to the meridians discussed above. They can affect one’s mood, desire to eat, and functions below the level of many individuals’ consciousness. For example, you may not like the heading above “Color Therapy.” Colors are a pathway by which the nervous system can be accessed and based on this colors may be used to enhance nervous system and meridian corrections.


As taught by Fulford, D.O., from the top of the head to the bottom of your feet exists one continuous sheet of specialized tissue. Imagine for a moment a piece of plastic wrap going from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet and while making it’s descent, wrapping around organs and muscles. Damaging the wrap at any point could create tension and problems with function. This tissue is called fascia and percussion addresses the removal of distortions in this tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy

We have over 8 years of experience with the Cold Laser. Cold Laser is a form of electrical stimulation created by a cold laser. Because it is cold it does not damage any tissue. Instead it encourages healthy cells to do what they normally do. The Erchonia is at this time the only FDA approved laser and is a cutting edge technological breakthrough.

Lifestyle Management

At the center of any wholistic treatment plan is the addressing of a person’s lifestyle. This includes what they eat, how they exercise, proper diet, and proper supplementation. This is all done using reflex testing which exposes each individual’s nutritional fingerprint.

Other Therapies

There are many other therapies that are utilized. The list is always expanding as by researching we find new more workable ways and protocols to integrate into our work. Hence the name, Integrated Healthcare. Feel free to set up an appointment or consultation so that we may find out and address your needs.

Therapies for Healthy Weight

Weight loss cleanses are performed using professional nutrients. After an examination used to target toxins that may be causing weight imbalances in the body, we create a custom diet and the use EB305 Body balance device, nutrients, and diet to assist your body in purging toxins.


Our latest fat loss therapy utilizes holistic healthcare and the FDA approved Zerona. Zerona is a healing cold laser which is used to stimulate your fat cells to release bound up fat. This fat is then used for energy production.

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